Hello! I'm Fancypants

Hello! I'm Alexia. Most people know me as Fancypants. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Camps Bay, to be exact. Our lives overlooked the ocean and the beach is where I grew up. During the 15 years I spent landlocked in Denver, Colorado, I fed my soul by traveling to all of the far flung surf destinations I could find, until finally, I made my way to San Diego, and I don't ever plan on leaving. You can find me at one of the North County beaches with my very rusty red VW bus, surfing on one or other longboard, most probably a Takayama. I started Salt & Reverie after I lost my center fin (actually someone stole it off the beach, but that's another story), and during my search for a new one I discovered that there's a real shortage of gorgeous fins. I'm a leap and build my wings on the way down kind of girl, and so, here we are! I hope you love these fins as much as I do!
Oh and I also happen to be a serial entrepreneur. You can visit my other brands at:
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